About Gregory J. Vogl

Learn about me: my personality, identity, views and goals.

My Views and Interests

Category Views and Interests
Philosophy Rationalist, scientist, ascetic, idealist, Buddhist, free thinker, independent
Religion Brought up Catholic, agnostic/skeptic at 17, gradually became atheist
Ethics humanitarian, activist, volunteer, helper, tolerance, patience, compassion
Politics Progressive, radical, pacifist, socialist, democrat, Africanist, world citizen
Environment Conservationist, green, anti-waste, pollution, cars and pets
Possessions Tightwad, saver, simplicity, minimalist, anti-materialist, anti-corporate
Hobbies Computers, writing, photos, travel, cinema, reading, listening to music
Academics Lifetime student, multidisciplinary, book lover, intellectual
Technology Software and Web design, development, maintenance and evaluation
Books Africa, Web design, education, international development
Languages English, French; German, Spanish; Kiswahili; Ruhaya, Luganda, Oshikwanyama
Writing Diary/journal, dreams, ideas, book reviews, poems
Music Classical (keyboard, French), African, world, jazz, blues, reggae
Film/Cinema African, French/Francophone, world
Health Exercise, health food; abstain from alcohol, drugs, smoking, caffeine
Sports Basketball, tennis, volleyball, golf, running, bicycling, swimming, etc.

My Personal Ten Commandments

  1. Be rational.
    • Seek knowledge and form opinions based on reason and observation.
    • Use scientific methods and rational inquiry including questioning, hypotheses and testing.
  2. Be open-minded.
    • Listen, observe, strive to understand, and withhold judgment.
    • Avoid dogmatism, absolutism and indoctrination.
    • Tolerate and respect alternative opinions and be willing to change.
  3. Be honest.
    • Portray the truth to others and try to be honest with yourself.
  4. Focus on what is important.
    • Life is short. Make life goals, prioritize, plan, and maximize personal impact.
  5. Change the world.
    • Do not be content with the status quo.
    • Take responsibility, voice your opinions, and actively engage in pursuits that will have a genuine positive impact.
  6. Be just and fair.
    • Strive to increase freedom and reduce inequalities, discrimination, hatred, racism, conflict and violence.
  7. Be kind to others.
    • Let compassion, concern, love and respect for others lead to help, service, forgiveness and reduced suffering.
  8. Work with others.
    • Cultivate relationships, collaborate and cooperate with, educate, learn from, empower and be empowered by others.
  9. Work for the overall good.
    • Act selflessly in the best interests of the world, its people and organisms.
    • Produce the greatest benefit to the greatest number over time.
  10. Live sustainably.
    • Preserve the earth's natural environment and reduce damage and negative impacts.
    • Focus on long-term goals and impacts of your actions.