General Data Communications and Networking

L Call No./Price Title Author Publisher Year
S* 138,000/= Computer Networks, 4th ed. Tanenbaum Prentice Hall 2003
S* 134,000/= Computer Networking, 2nd ed. Kurose & Ross Addison Wesley 2003
S* 86,000/= Data and Computer Communications Stallings, William Prentice Hall 2000


Business Data Networks and Telecommunications, 4th ed. Panko Prentice Hall 2003
S 58,000/= Enterprise Networking Martin, Chapman & Leben Prentice Hall 1996
S 48,000/= Understanding Local Area Networks, 5th ed. Jenkins & Schatt SAMS 1995
S 37,000/= Novell's Dictionary of Networking Shafer Novell Press 1997
S 39,000/= Analog and Digital Communications (Schaum's Outlines) Hsu McGraw Hill 1993
SI* 17,000/= Local Area Networks, 3rd ed. Hodson Continuum 1997
I   Business Data Communications, 5th ed. Stamper, David A. Addison Wesley 2000
I   Networking for Dummies Lowe, Doug IDG 1998
F   Local Area Networks: A Business-Oriented Approach Goldman & Rawles Wiley 2000
F   Microsoft Encyclopedia of Networking, Second Edition Tulloch, Mitch and Ingrid Microsoft Press  
F   LAN Times Encyclopedia of Networking, Electronic Edition Sheldon McGraw Hill  
F   Understanding Local Area Networks: An Easy Introduction to Network Concepts and Products   SAMS  
F   Absolute Beginners Guide to Networking   SAMS  
I   Applied Data Communications, 3rd ed. Goldman & Rawles Wiley  
I   Communication Networks Leon-Garcia McGraw Hill  
I   Data Communications and Networking, 2nd ed. Forouzan McGraw Hill  
I   Distributed Systems and Networks Buchanan McGraw Hill  
E*   Network+ Certification Guide Ratcliff New Riders 2000

Specific Networking Products

L Call No./Price Title Author Publisher Year


Linux Network Administration Guide Kirch O'Reilly 1995
F   Learning Windows NT Server 4   QUE  
E   Linux IP Networking Herrin   2000

General Computing Books with Networking Chapters

L Call No./Price Title Author Publisher Year
E*   Upgrading & Repairing PCs, 12th Edition Mueller, Scott QUE 2000
E   A+ Core Exam & A+ DOS/Windows A+ Certification Training Guide New Riders 1998
E*   Computers in Your Future 3 Meyer, Baber & Pfaffenberger Prentice Hall 2000


L Location
S Available for student purchase from bookshops in Kampala (Aristoc, BookPoint, Makerere, etc.)
R On reserve at the library (photocopies of selected pages to be made available)
L Available in the library (call no. indicated)
E Available in the M.Sc. Information Systems Electronic Library
I Instructor references
F Future references, can be purchased through the Internet e.g. at
* Recommended or important