Books and Documentation

Here are some of the many locally available books and resources for learning Java that you may find useful for this course. See the Operating Systems course for UNIX/Linux references.


Lvl Fmt

Price/Call No.





I B* B $6 Java 1.2 QuickStudy Adam BarCharts 2001
EI B* HE $36 Java Tutorial   Sun Microsystems 2001
EI BI HE   Java 2 Software Developers Kit 1.4 Documentation   Sun Microsystems  
EI BI HE   Examplets from the Java Developers Almanac 2000 Chan Addison Wesley 2000
EI BI HE   The Java FAQ Kanerva   1997
EI BI A   Introduction to Programming Using Java Eck GNU 2002
LI B* B 005.133 HOR Big Java Horstmann Prentice Hall 2002
L B B 005.133 NIN An Introduction to Programming and OO Design using Java Niņo & Hosch Wiley 2002
L B B 005.13 WIN Developing Java Software, 2nd ed. Winder & Roberts Wiley 2000
F BI BE $35 Core Java 2, Volume 1: Fundamentals, 6th ed. Horstmann & Cornell Prentice Hall  
I BI B  

Core Java 1.2, Volume 1: Fundamentals

Horstmann & Cornell Prentice Hall 1997
F B B $85 Java: How to Program, 5th ed. Deitel & Deitel Prentice Hall  
I B B   Java: How to Program, 2nd ed. Deitel & Deitel Prentice Hall 1998
SE B* BE 39,000/= Teach Yourself Java 2 in 21 Days, 3rd ed. Lemay & Cadenhead SAMS 2003
I B BE   Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days, 2nd ed. Lemay SAMS 1997
S B* BE 73,000/= Java Software Solutions, 3rd ed. Lewis & Loftus Addison Wesley 2003
I B BEP   Java Software Solutions, 2nd ed. Lewis & Loftus Addison Wesley 2000
F I B $35 Thinking in Java, 3rd ed. Eckel MindView  
EI I BE $40 Thinking in Java, 2nd ed. Eckel MindView 2000
F I B $28 Java in a Nutshell, 4th ed. Flanagan O'Reilly 2002
I I B   Java 2 Enterprise Edition 1.4.1: The Complete Reference Keogh    
E I     Borland JBuilder 7 Windows (48 MB), Linux (52 MB)   Borland  




Lvl Level Fmt Format


M.Sc. Information Systems electronic library

B Beginner B Book


UMU library (call no. indicated)

I Intermediate A Acrobat (PDF)


Bookshops in Kampala (Aristoc, BookPoint, Makerere, etc.; price is approximate)

* Recommended E Example programs


Future references, can be purchased through Internet e.g.

    H HTML textbook


Instructor references

    P PowerPoint