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Coursework Description Possible Solutions
Lab 1 display text string to the command line (first program) Hello
Lab 2 obtain user input from the keyboard (interactive text I/O) ConsoleString
Lab 3 guessing game (selection and repetition structures) HiLo
Lab 4 bank account (objects) 1, 1Test, 2, 2Test,
BankAccount, BankAccounts
Lab 5 shapes (inheritance and polymorphism) Square, RightTriangle
Lab 6 command line, echo strings, file copy (input and output) CommandLine, EchoStrings,
Lab 7 drawing (graphics and applets) BarGraph
Lab 8 calculator (graphical user interfaces and events) Calculate
Lab 9 recursion, sorting and searching (algorithms and data structures) GCD, Sort
Lab 10 (networking) web/, URLGet, WebGet
Lab 11 (databases) database/, SimpleDataSource,
ExecSQL, TestDB
Homework 1 calculate statistics (basic language features) Numbers2, Numbers
Homework 2 coin flip simulation (objects and control structures) Coin, CoinTest
Homework 3 university members (object-oriented programs and library objects)

Member, Student, Staff,
Faculty, MemberTest

Homework 4 shapes (graphics, applets and file I/O) Shapes
Homework 5 (GUIs and data structures) ListApplet
Project 1 text-based, interactive object-oriented program  
Project 2 object-oriented program with graphics, algorithms and/or communications  

Submitting Coursework

Homework Assignments




Percent Deliverable Description
10% Project Proposal Describe your proposed project, including goals, target users, basic functional specifications, content sources, and the method you used to choose the topic.
10% Design Specification Describe how you will design your program to meet your proposal goals, including schedule of tasks to perform, development tools to be used, diagrams, outlines, pseudocode and other information as appropriate. Be sure to separate detailed functional specification (what it should do) from technical specification (how it is implemented).
70% Source Code The final working version of your program, including code comments and any programmer documentation.
10% Documentation Instructions for installing and using your program. Content and format should be appropriate for a target user (probably non-technical).