Operating Systems

L Call No./Price Title Author Publisher Year
I   Applied Operating Systems Concepts, 6th ed. Silberschatz, Galvin & Gagne Wiley 2003
F   Operating Systems Concepts, 5th ed. Silberschatz & Galvin Addison Wesley 1998
F   Modern Operating Systems, 2nd ed. Tanenbaum Prentice Hall 2001
S 46,000/= Systems Programming and Operating Systems, 2nd ed. Dhamdhere TATA McGraw Hill 1996
SI 17,000/= Operating Systems: Incorporating Unix and Windows, 3rd ed. Ritchie Letts 1997
I   Operating Systems: A Practical Approach Switzer, Robert Prentice Hall 1993
I   Operating Systems Bacon & Harris Addison Wesley  
I   Operating Systems Principles Bic & Shaw Prentice Hall  

Unix and Linux

L Call No./Price Title Author Publisher Year
L 005.369 PET Red Hat Linux: The Complete Reference, 2nd ed. Petersen McGraw Hill/Osborne 2002
S 40,000/= UNIX in a Nutshell Gilly O'Reilly 1992
S 46,000/= Using UNIX Schumer & Negus QUE 1995
S 32,000/= Teach Yourself UNIX in 24 Hours Taylor & Armstrong SAMS 1997


Teach Yourself Linux in 24 Hours, 3rd ed. Witherspoon, Craig & Coletta SAMS 2000


Teach Yourself Linux in 24 Hours, 2nd ed. Ball SAMS 1999
E (1.4 MB) Linux Installation and Getting Started Welsh et al. SSC 1998
E (239 KB) Linux Administration Made Easy Frampton Linux Documentation Project 1999
E (7.3 MB) The Linux Cookbook 1.2 Stutz No Starch Press 2001
E (491 KB) Linux Fundamentals: A Training Manual Carinhas, Philip Fortuitous Technologies 2001
F   Inside Linux Bentson, Randolph    


L Location
S Available for student purchase from bookshops in Kampala (Aristoc, BookPoint, Makerere, etc.)
R On reserve at the library (photocopies of selected pages to be made available)
L Available in the library
E Available in the M.Sc. Information Systems electronic library
I Instructor references
F Future references, can be purchased through the Internet e.g. at