Course Policies

General Honesty and academic integrity are required. Students are expected to behave as mature, responsible adults in adherence with University policies.
Work ethics and academic standards To earn highest marks, students must demonstrate that their knowledge, skills and work habits in the subject area meet international University-level academic standards.
  • Attend all classes. Attendance will be monitored, and missing many classes will probably reduce your coursework grade.
  • Be on time and prepared.
  • Participate actively.
  • Complete all assigned work.
Submitting coursework To submit coursework, send it by e-mail attachment to before the start of class on the due date. Submitting in advance is safer and encouraged. Late coursework can be accepted only in rare circumstances of unexpected personal hardship, in which case both a written explanation from the student of why the assignment was late, and verifiable written evidence from an outside source, would be required.
Backups Making backups of your coursework is your own responsibility, and will help you avoid losing work due to computer or disk failure. It is recommended that you purchase a box of 10 diskettes to store backup copies, and keep copies of each file on at least two different disks. You may also consider purchasing CD-R or CD-RW discs if CD-RW drives and CD burning software become available to students, since a CD can hold 500 times as much as a floppy disk.
Group work Working with others is an essential skill for all university graduates and professionals. You are encouraged to work with your classmates. Also, please do not hesitate to contact the lecturer if you have any course-related questions, problems, suggestions or further interests.
Plagiarism Although computers make copying easier, copying without understanding will not help you learn. Every student must create his or her own files. You may work with a friend who can assist you verbally, but you should not copy your friend's work and submit it as your own. Clearly acknowledge your sources (state where you obtained the information). If there is doubt as to the original author of the coursework, the instructor cannot give full credit (e.g. two students submitting an almost identical assignment, unless the coursework was assigned as group work).