Lab 4: HTML: Tables and Images

For this exercise you should perform a combination of WYSIWYG and HTML editing as appropriate. You can use Mozilla Composer, a text editor or both.


  1. Type Web Lab 4 and make it heading 1.
  2. Type your name and make it heading 3.
  3. Enter the following in the page title and properties like you did in Lab 3:
  4. Save as weblab4.html


  1. Type Tables and make it heading 2.
  2. Create a 3x3 table with the following cell colours, making the font of the word Black to be white:
    Basic Colours
  3. Change the table border to be 3 pixels wide, cell padding 5 and cell spacing 10.
  4. Change the border colour to be purple.
  5. Make the table 50% of the screen width.
  6. Make the second row centered and the third row right aligned.


Uganda Martyrs University
  1. Type Images and make it heading 2.
  2. Create an image tag that uses a file on the Intranet related to UMU such as
  3. Change the image border to be 5 pixels wide.
  4. Add an alt tag to identify the image (e.g. alt="Uganda Martyrs University").
  5. Link the image to the UMU Intranet home page.
  6. Resize the image by changing the width and height attributes.
    Make sure the ratio of width to height remains the same to minimise distortion.

E-Mailing as an Attachment