Lecture 1a: The Internet

What You Will Learn Today

  1. Understand the structure and purpose of the course
  2. Locate course-related resources for independent learning
  3. Describe the structure and function of the Internet
  4. Describe available tools and services for Internet communication
  5. Describe providers, networks, transport media, protocols and ways to connect.

Course Overview

Course Goals and Content

  1. Describe the hardware, software, tools, services, data and people used to create the Internet and the web.
  2. Use software to navigate the Internet, find and download useful information and communicate with others.
  3. Author web pages and sites, create and modify images for use in web pages, publish web pages to a server and test in browsers.
  4. Discuss advanced technologies for creating and managing dynamic web content.
  5. Create and use plans, procedures and processes for organising and developing large web sites.
  6. Discuss techniques for designing effective web sites and evaluating effectiveness.
  7. Discuss social impacts and ethical issues of Internet use and web design for individuals and managerial policies.

Key Resources

What is the Internet?

Internet Services and Programs

Internet Uses

Internet Users

Internet Service Providers


Transport Media


Ways to Connect

To Do After Class