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This list includes end-user software for the Linux operating system. Software denoted (text) is run from a shell (command line). Please e-mail me additions and corrections.

Interfaces Name Distribution/Part of Web Site
desktop K Desktop Environment (KDE) several Linux distributions
desktop Gnome several Linux distributions
window manager FVWM
window manager Windowmaker
window manager Enlightenment
window manager Afterstep
window manager Blackbox
window manager Motif window manager clone
window manager OpenMotif
shell (command window) sh, csh, ksh, bash, tcsh    
terminal Konsole KDE  
terminal Mozilla terminal Mozilla  
Documentation Name Distribution/Part of Web Site
help with Linux commands man    
help system info pages GNU  
help system HOWTOs    
help system KDE Help Center KDE  
help system Gnome Help browser Gnome  
File and Web Browsers Name Distribution/Part of Web Site
file/web browser Konqueror KDE  
file browser Nautilus (or Midnight Commander) Gnome  
web browser Navigator Netscape
web browser Mozilla    
web browser Galeon Gnome
web browser Opera
web browser (text) Lynx    
web browser (text) Links-ssl    
file transfer gFTP Gnome  
file transfer (text) ftp, ncftp    
file compression/archiving (text) gzip/gunzip GNU  
file compression/archiving (text) tar    
file compression/archiving Ark    
Communication Name Distribution/Part of Web Site
email client KMail KDE  
email client Evolution Ximian (Gnome)  
email client Balsa, Gmail, GnoMail Gnome  
email client Mozilla Mail Mozilla  
email clients (text) mail, elm, pine, mutt, nmh, exmh    
newsreader Mozilla news Mozilla  
newsreader Pan Gnome  
newsreader KNode KDE  

news readers (text)

rn, trn, nn, tin, slrn


chat irc, xchat    
remote connection (text) telnet, rlogin, ssh    
Office Suites Name Distribution/Part of Web Site
office suite KOffice KDE,
office suite Gnome Workshop Project Gnome
office suite OpenOffice,
office suite Star Office Sun Microsystems
office suite WordPerfect Office Corel
Word Processors Name Distribution/Part of Web Site
word processor KWord KOffice  
word processor Writer OpenOffice  
word processor WordPerfect Corel Office  
word processor Abiword Gnome  
desktop publishing Scribus    
web editor Netscape composer Netscape  
web editor Mozilla composer Mozilla  
Text Editors Name Distribution/Part of Web Site
text editor KEdit KDE  
text editor KWrite KDE  
text editor for programming Kate KDE  
text editor Gedit Gnome  
text editor nedit    
text editor (text) emacs, XEmacs GNU  
vi-based text editors vi, vim, gvim GNU  
Spreadsheets Name Distribution/Part of Web Site
spreadsheet KSpread KOffice  
spreadsheet Calc OpenOffice  
spreadsheet QuattroPro Corel Office  
spreadsheet Gnumeric Gnome  
calculator KCalc KDE  
Databases Name Distribution/Part of Web Site
database Oracle
database Sybase
database Informix
database IBM DB2
database Ingres
database AdabasD
database MySQL
database GNU SQL GNU
database PostgreSQL
database Flagship (interface for xBase)
database Katabase KOffice
database Gaby Gnome
Graphics Name Distribution/Part of Web Site
presentation graphics KPresenter KOffice  
presentation graphics Impress OpenOffice  
image viewer GQview, Electric Eyes Gnome
image viewers Kview, Kshow, KuickShow KDE  
graphics editor The GIMP GNU
image/paint editor Krayon KOffice  
digital photo editor gPhoto Gnome  
bitmap graphics KPaint KDE  
bitmap graphics Xpaint X Windows  
vector graphics Draw OpenOffice  
vector graphics Xfig X Windows  
scalable graphics Karbon14 KOffice  
drawing Kontour KOffice  
flowcharts, diagrams Kivio KDE  
charting KChart KOffice  
computer aided design QCad    
screen capture KSnapshot KDE  
image editing, screen capture xv X Windows  
image shape changer Xmorph X Windows  
formula editor KFormula KOffice  
formula editor Math OpenOffice