Small Projects

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Project 1: Tags, Formatting, Lists and Links

Curriculum Vitae
Create a page listing your educational and career history and goals, skills, etc. (See Hofstetter Ch. 18: Creating Your Web Page Resume.)
Frequently Asked Questions
Create a list of frequently asked questions and answers, with a table of contents at the top linking to different sections of the document.
Links Page
Create a list of annotated links to sites on the Internet relating to web design or an academic research topic of interest to you.

Project 2: Tables

Book List
Create a list of books in the UMU library or at on an academic research topic of interest to you.
Colour Table
Create a table of all web-safe colours and their hexadecimal representations. See the web-safe colour demo.
Create a newsletter using tables.
Create a calendar of events or to-do list using tables.

Project 3: Images and Graphics

Images can be obtained from one or more sources, e.g. using a digital camera, scanning film or slide photos, selecting clip art from software or CDs, or downloading from the Internet. Include with your end product an explanation of the process you used to create it, including the source of any images you did not make from scratch.

Create a complex text and/or graphic image such as a logo for a company or school, a magazine or brochure cover, an image for a letterhead.
Photo Gallery
Create an attractively designed gallery of digital photos, e.g. class members, family and friends, UMU campus, UMU computing use, or other topic of interest.
Image Map
Create an image map that links parts of the image to text descriptions and/or other images. See the image map in lecture 6b.
Create a drawing or photo animation by using graphics tools.

Project 4: Forms and Scripting

Survey Form
Create a survey or questionnaire of an academic topic using an e-mail form that sends the results to your e-mail account. See the site survey.
Order Form
Create a form for ordering products on the web. Use JavaScript to validate that fields are entered correctly.
Quiz Form
Create an interactive self-grading quiz using form elements and JavaScript.
Create a pushbutton calculator for general calculations, or a specific calculator to calculate loan payments, retirement funds, unit conversions, etc.
Image Manipulator
Create a drawing/photo animator/browser/manipulator by using JavaScript.
Colour Selector
Create a colour selector based on a colour model such as RGB, CMY or HSV by using JavaScript.

Project 5: Paper

Each paper should be submitted in HTML format, about 1000 to 1500 words (3 to 5 printed pages) and should include a hyperlinked table of contents, section headings and endnotes. Sections should be written in the form of paragraphs.

Website Critique
Write a paper critiquing a web site design in terms of format and content. Alternatively, compare two sites with similar goals. See the example critique.
Social Issue Paper
Write a paper presenting your views on a social or ethical issue related to the use of the Internet. See the notes on social and ethical issues.