Lecture 3a: Web Page Authoring

What You Will Learn Today

  1. Explain the web development process.
  2. Explain the uses of different types of web authoring tools.
  3. Identify structural and functional features of web pages.
  4. Explain common features of web page authoring and web site management tools.

Web Development Process

  1. define site purpose and audience
  2. select development tools and processes
  3. design the site
  4. develop the site
  5. test the site
  6. publish the site
  7. evaluate, update and maintain the site

In which step are web pages actually created? Are the steps followed in order?

Web Authoring Tools

Features of Web Pages

Features of Web Page Authoring Tools

Features of Web Site Management Tools

To Do After Class

Microsoft FrontPage: a web page editor and site manager