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VSOVoluntary Service Overseas (VSO) is a British charity that sends volunteers to developing countries such as Tanzania. There are currently over 2000 VSO volunteers in 60 countries. "VSO enables men and women to work alongside people in poorer countries in order to share skills, build capabilities and promote international understanding and action, in pursuit of a more equitable world." It costs VSO about ?15,000 a year to recruit, train and equip a single volunteer. To continue to meet the growing demand for new volunteers, VSO requires the support of people in the developed world.

VSO Canada

VSO Canada is the Canadian branch for which I worked. It is now part of VSO International. Volunteers are asked to raise at least CAN$ 1000 (about US$ 700) for VSO Canada to help defray the costs of volunteering. You can sponsor a volunteer or make a donation.

By sponsoring a volunteer, you can receive the following benefits:

  • the VSO newsletter "Orbit" (quarterly)
  • the VSO Canada newsletter "Marafiki" (biannually)
  • VSO's annual report
  • VSO souvenirs (mugs, t-shirts, posters, Africa CDs)
  • the assurance that you are contributing to international development

Donating Used Computer Items

Or perhaps you have used computer items you would like to send such as the following:

  • hardware (e.g. computers, monitors, printers, other peripherals)
  • software (e.g. shareware downloaded from the Internet, educational CD-ROMs)
  • books (e.g. tutorials, manuals, textbooks, dictionaries)
    (If you are just sending books, it will only cost about US$1 per pound, or about $40 for a 20 kg box).
  • magazines (e.g. old computer magazines, computer or education journals, computer buying guides)

Many things you can send that are computer-related and less than five years old can be useful. The important thing is to work closely with a volunteer.

Contacting Me

Please contact me and let me know your postal and e-mail address if you would like to keep in touch or help in any way.