Course Overview

University Uganda Martyrs University (UMU)
Faculty Science (B.Sc.)
Course Data Communications and Networks (Year 2, Term 2)
Dates 8 Weeks, Term II, February-May 2003 (see calendar)
Times and Locations
  • Wednesdays, practical, B.Sc. computer laboratory, 12 noon-1 pm
  • Wednesdays, 4 pm-5 pm, Fridays, 11 am-12 noon, theory, lecture hall

Mr. G. Vogl, 077-606404,,,

Course Goals
  • To understand data communication technologies including the telephone system, modems, wireless and satellite communications
  • To understand networking concepts, including network types, hardware, system and application software, WAN and LAN configurations, protocols, the OSI model, TCP/IP, the Internet, and network performance, security and maintenance
  • To understand algorithms and techniques for data transmission, including error correction, switching and packets, end-to-end protocols, routing
  • To compare the features of real-world networking operating systems such as Windows 9x/NT, UNIX/Linux and Novell Netware
  • To use, install, configure, diagnose, repair and maintain local area networks and Intranets 
  • To use the Internet for accessing information, publishing and other communication

Also see the detailed list of learning objectives.

Course Format
  • Wednesday 4-5 pm and Friday 11 am-12 noon will be theory sessions in the lecture hall. Activities will include lectures, presentations, demonstrations, group discussions and case studies.
  • Wednesday 12 noon-1 pm will be practical sessions in the computer lab. Students will follow step-by-step instructions and complete lab exercises and projects.
Books The lecturer will provide a list of relevant reference books which are currently available (e.g. in the University library, for sale in Kampala, or on-line).
Network Documents and other files will be made available on the network for reading on the computers, saving to disk, and printing.
Policies See the instructor's course policies.
No. Activity Percent
10 Attendance and participation in discussion and labs
2 homework assignments
1 Project
1 Final examination