Course Overview

University Uganda Martyrs University (UMU)
Faculty Science (B.Sc.)
Course Operating Systems (Year 2, Term 2)
Dates 8 Weeks, February-May 2003 (see calendar)
Times and Locations
  • Thursdays, 11 am-1 pm, theory, lecture hall
  • Fridays, 9:30-10:30 am, practical, B.Sc. computer laboratory

Mr. G. Vogl, 077-606404,,,

Course Goals
  • To understand the structure and function of operating systems, including the kernel, user interfaces, process scheduling, memory management, input/output device management, file systems, interprocess communication, networks and distributed systems, protection, security and recovery
  • To use, examine, compare, select, install, configure, monitor, diagnose and repair specific operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and UNIX/Linux

Also see the detailed list of learning objectives.

Course Format
  • Thursdays will be theory sessions in the lecture hall. Activities will include lectures, presentations, demonstrations, group discussions and case studies
  • Fridays will be practical sessions in the computer lab. Students will follow step-by-step instructions and complete lab exercises and projects.
Course Materials
  • A list of relevant reference books is available.
  • Documents and other files will be made available on the network for reading on the computers, saving to disk, and printing.
Policies See the instructor's course policies.
No. Activity Percent
1 attendance 10%
2 homework assignments 40%
1 final examination 50%