Lecture 10a: Evaluation and Testing

What You Will Learn Today

  1. Perform a design critique of a site.
  2. Apply criteria to evaluate a site's effectiveness.
  3. Use a scientific evaluation process.
  4. Create a usability test plan to design and perform a usability test.
  5. Evaluate the site development process.
  6. Use site validation and management tools.

Site Critique

Site Evaluation Criteria

Empirical Evaluation Process

  1. Questions: What would you like to know about your design?
  2. Hypotheses: What would you guess the users might think about your design?
  3. Test Design: What evidence would help to answer the questions?
  4. Observations: What did the user say or do?
  5. Findings: What the user was thinking/feeling? What did the user expect/want/try to do?
  6. Revisions: How should the site be redesigned? What findings support this?

Usability Test Plan

Development Process Evaluation

Site Validation and Management Tools

To Do After Class