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Analysis and Evaluation Resources

Statistics Tools for Your Web Site

PDI 2008 workshop and links, Colorado State University, 2008

Screen Recording

Software for screen recording and usability testing, 2009

Usability Evaluation Paper

A usability evaluation of Colorado State University Libraries' digital collections and the Western Waters Digital Library web sites, by Donald Zimmerman and Dawn Paschal, 2009

Usability Evaluation Paper

Evaluation of the library's Digital Collections web site and usability testing of the Western Waters Digital Library web site, by Donald Zimmerman, 2007

Website Analytics LibGuide

Resources for evaluating library website usage, including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and DSpace customizations for the Digital Collections of Colorado, 2016

Analytics Paper

Implementing Google Analytics for a Consortial Digital Repository, by Greg Vogl, Yongli Zhou, Daniel Draper, Mark Shelstad, 2016