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Screen Recording Software

These software packages capture a "movie" of the presenter's/user's screen, including audio such as voice. They are useful for creating tutorials and gathering usability test data.

Adobe Captivate

  • Generally best at creating a polished tutorial on how to use software and Web sites.
  • Has a Flash/Director-like slide-based editor that can produce advanced interactivity like branching and assessment.

TechSmith Camtasia

  • Best at capturing video of a screen, or creating a simple tutorial quickly.
  • Works best for capturing a PowerPoint presentation with voiceover.
  • Can export to multiple file types, but file sizes are larger. Flash is smallest and most portable.

Screen Recording Reviews

TechSmith Morae

  • Best at capturing and quickly reviewing usability test data.
  • Like Camtasia, you can record a Web cam video of the user and include it in a corner of the resulting video.
  • Easy access to the start and end of usability tasks, keyboard and mouse events, URLs and navigational paths, and time-based metrics.
  • Task segments can produce highlight videos.
  • Groups can use the remote viewer to add notes and markers.
  • More expensive and feature-rich than other solutions.

Morae Reviews

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