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Instruction and Support Resources

Computer Courses

Computer science courses for Uganda Martyrs University, 2003

Computer Applications Course

Teaching materials for PC office applications (Word, Excel, Access, etc.), 1997-2004

Chemistry Course

IGCSE Grade 11 and 12 Chemistry course materials, 1995-1997

Physics Course

IGCSE Grade 11 and 12 Physics course materials, 1995-1997



Take a quiz on geography, history, language, literature, music, science, mathematics, or computers.


Learn about Swahili, Kwanyama and other languages, 1997-2003

Other Activities

Learn through interactive Java and JavaScript activities, 1997-2003

Education Papers

Papers and materials on education, science, computers and Africa, 1998-2000

IST Papers

Instructional Systems Technology papers, project reports and presentations, 1998-2000

Technical Support Tips

How to request and provide technical support

Fort Collins Connexion

Municipal Broadband Pros and Cons