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QBasic Program Instructions

You can run these programs on almost any PC (running DOS, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, or NT, but not Macintosh).

  1. Create a new folder (for example, right click on the desktop and select new folder, or type mkdir c:\qbasic at the DOS prompt).
  2. In that folder, put a copy of all the programs from the list on the left that you want to run.
  3. Try opening a program by double-clicking it. If it opens, skip to step 12.
  4. If it does not work or opens Visual Basic, try putting qbasic.exe and qbasic.hlp in that same folder.
  5. Double-click qbasic.exe
    (or click Start, Run, and type the full pathname, such as c:\qbasic\qbasic.exe).
    The QBasic editor will start in a few seconds.
  6. Press Esc to clear the dialog box.
  7. Press Alt (and let go) to activate the menus.
    (Avoid using the mouse to control the menus if the QBasic editor is not running in full screen mode.)
  8. Press F for the File menu.
  9. Press O for Open. You should now see a list of files ending with .bas.
  10. Press Tab and the arrow keys to hilight the file you want.
  11. Press Enter. You should now see the Basic code.
  12. Press F5 to run the program.
    Most of the programs display directions on the screen.
    At any time, you can switch between the program and other windows by pressing Alt-Tab (together).
  13. When you are finished, press Esc (twice) to exit the program.
  14. Press Alt, F, X to exit the QBasic editor and return to Windows.