Lecture 11a: Social Impact and Ethical Issues of the Internet

What You Will Learn Today

  1. Compare the Internet with other communications media.
  2. Select ethical principles and a code of conduct on which to base decisions.
  3. Discuss the impact of commercialisation of the Internet.
  4. Discuss freedom of speech and censorship on the Internet.
  5. Discuss privacy and security issues and viruses.
  6. Discuss information and software ownership, distribution and plagiarism.
  7. Discuss the international impact of the Internet on development, equity and culture.

The Internet as a Communications Medium

Ethical Principles

ACM Code of Conduct

Commercialisation of the Internet

Freedom of Speech

Regulation and Censorship



ACM Guidelines for Computer Professionals


Ownership and Copyright


Software Distribution

International Development

Equity of Access

Cultural Impact

To Do After Class