Course Overview

University Uganda Martyrs University (UMU)
Faculty Science (B.Sc.)
Course Internet Technologies and Web Authoring (Year 2, Term 1)
Dates 12 weeks, September-December, 2003 (see calendar)

Mr. G. Vogl, 077-606404,,,

Course Goals
  1. Describe the hardware, software, tools, services, data and people used to create the Internet and the web.
  2. Use software to navigate the Internet, find and download useful information and communicate with others.
  3. Author web pages and sites, create and modify images for use in web pages, publish web pages to a server and test in browsers.
  4. Discuss advanced technologies for creating and managing dynamic web content.
  5. Create and use plans, procedures and processes for organising and developing large web sites.
  6. Discuss techniques for designing effective web sites and evaluating effectiveness.
  7. Discuss social impacts and ethical issues of Internet use and web design for individuals and managerial policies.

Also see the detailed list of learning objectives.

  • Introductory theoretical and practical knowledge of computer hardware and software.
  • Some programming experience may be helpful in learning HTML and related technologies.
Times, Locations,
Course Format
  • Wednesdays and Thursdays 4-5 pm: Theory sessions in the lecture hall.
    Activities will include lectures, presentations, demonstrations, discussions, and group exercises.
  • Fridays 12 noon-1 pm: Practical sessions in the B. Sc. computer laboratory.
    Students will complete laboratory exercises to start using software tools and receive assistance with web design projects.
Tools and Materials
  • Lecture notes and other documents will be put on reserve in the library or made available for photocopying.
  • Several books are currently available in the University library, for sale in Kampala, and on-line.
  • You are also encouraged to access the links to Internet resources.
  • You are responsible for obtaining a working UMU e-mail account.
  • Consult the list of tools for possible Linux and Windows tools for Web use and development.
Policies See the instructor's course policies.
and Grading


attendance of and participation in lectures and labs
20% 12 weekly lab exercises
25% 5 short projects
50% final web site project