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What is IST?

a letter defining IST for non-academics - R511: Instructional Technology Foundations

Ironing for Beginners

instructional video slides and report - R521: Instructional Design and Development

La Vie Est Belle

film database report - R541: Instructional Development and Production

Managing Your Money

instructional web site report - R547: Computer-Mediated Learning

Change Management

two-way video study slides and report - R561: Evaluation and Change

Education and Africa

journal reports 1 and 2 - R580: IST Colloquium

Needs Analysis

needs analysis of a local supermarket - R621: Needs Analysis and Assessment

Science Project

instructional theory for integrated science inquiry projects for community development - R626: Instructional Strategies and Tactics

R547 Web Site

web site for a distance course on computer-mediated learning - R641: Instructional Development and Production Process II

Zimbabwean Culture

database interface design and report - R685: Human-Computer Interface Design


several other instructional design papers and projects