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Request for Donations

February 1998

Ponhofi is better equipped than many Namibian schools, but although the construction projects are finished, the school is still in need of many things. Not only is its budget very limited, but there are not many places to shop in the area, and prices in Windhoek, 750 km away, are high. Donations of books, magazines, cassettes, science lab equipment, other teaching materials, and sports clothes and equipment would be greatly appreciated. Used items would be fine. The school is well managed, so any donated materials are likely to be used and maintained.

The school's library is functional, but the students have a very limited choice of books to read. There are less than 1000 books in the library, and many are too difficult. To help develop the students' reading interests, the school would like to obtain more books. Books should be roughly at a US grade 5 to 8 reading level and preferably have large text and lots of pictures. The most useful books would be practical and not overly focused on American culture or entertainment. Books for younger children would also be very useful for the neighbouring primary school, Omwoonde, which is even more in need than Ponhofi, or other schools in the region.

Surface mail is about US $30 for a 10 kg box of books and usually takes less than two months. If you would like to send anything, the address is

Ponhofi Senior Secondary School
Private Bag 506, Ohangwena
Tel. (264) 6751-61009
Fax (264) 6751-61042

Thank you for considering how you can help.