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The Area

The Area


  • People
  • Places
  • Maps


  • Maps: Ohangwena Village, Ohangwena Area, Owambo
  • Pictures: Baskets, Straw, Tin House, Baobab, Farm, Homestead, House 19, House 2, Oshana, Palm, Palms, Rubbish
  • Kwanyama Language: Phrases, Grammar, Vocabulary
  • Description of Owambo Region


  • Maps: Encarta, Globetrotter, Michelin,
  • Coat of Arms, Flag, National Anthem, Frankie Fredericks
  • Pictures: Kokerboom, Namib Rand
  • Namibian Schools, Namibian School Year Calendar


  • Facts about African Countries
  • El Nino means drought is possible in southern Africa during 1998

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