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Computer Help and Information

Computer Help and Information


  • Computer Laboratory Rules (how to use the Ponhofi computer laboratory)
  • Windows Basics (how to start, shut down, use the mouse, use windows, close things, run programs)
  • Word Processing Basics (how to select text, format text, use the keyboard, save files, open files)
  • Spreadsheet Basics (how to select, resize and format cells, insert and delete, use the keyboard)
  • Paint Basics (how to draw pictures using the mouse)
  • Quitting (how to quit from something so you can do something else)
  • Labelled Diagrams of the Desktop, a Window, Diskettes, Paint, Shapes and Colours, Fine Artist

General Information

  • Questions and Answers (frequently asked computing questions at Ponhofi)
  • Use and Maintenance Suggestions (how to keep computers in good condition)
  • Care for Diskettes (how to keep diskettes in good condition)
  • Network Basics (how to share folders and map network drives over a network)
  • Teaching Ideas (how to use the computer lab to help you teach any subject)
  • Development (development projects at Ponhofi, including the computer laboratory)
  • Computer Art Contest (how to win a prize for your computer art skills)
  • Dilbert cartoons Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 (humour by Scott Adams)
  • A Brief History of Computing (humour by Dave Barry)


  • Computer Studies (information for students taking the IGCSE course)
  • Demonstrations (last year's schedule of computer demonstrations for students)
  • Staff Training (this year's schedule of computer classes for Ponhofi staff)
  • Computer Literacy for Students: Syllabus and Scheme of Work, Timetable, Lab Supervision


  • Typing Tutor
  • Windows 95 Help, Resource Kit, Tour
  • Quiz programs: Acronyms, Terms, Practice
  • Instructions for Graphing Program

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