Course Overview

University Uganda Martyrs University (UMU)
Faculty Business Administration and Management (BAM)
Course Management Information Systems I (MIS I)
Dates 13 Weeks, Term II, February-May 2003 (see calendar)
Times and Locations
  • Thursdays, 2-5 pm, theory, lecture hall
  • Fridays, 3-4 pm or 2-3 pm, practical, computer laboratory

Mr. G. Vogl, 077-606404,,,

Course Goals
  • To understand the basics of computers and networks
  • To develop basic skills in word processing and spreadsheets
  • To understand the utilisation of computers and information systems in business and industry

Also see the detailed list of learning objectives.

Course Format
  • Thursdays will be theory sessions in the lecture hall. Activities will include lectures, presentations, demonstrations, group discussions and case studies.
  • Fridays will be practical sessions in the computer lab. Students will follow step-by-step instructions and complete lab exercises and projects.
Books The lecturer will provide a list of relevant reference books which are currently available in the University library.
Photocopies Some documents will be put on reserve in the library for photocopying or reading.
Web Site Documents and other files will be made available on the course web site for reading on the computers, saving to disk, and printing.
Please read the hints for making effective use of the site.
Policies See the instructor's course policies.
Marks Multiply By Percent Activity
160 0.1
9 Lab Exercises
80 0.05


2 Homework Assignments
10 0.5
150 0.1
3 Projects
50 0.2
Test 1
100 0.5
Final Examination