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Proposed Policies Toward Africa

Stop supporting conservative dictators. Stop attacking leftist democracies. Stop attacking Islamic states. Stop meddling in African politics. Stop making policies that support Western interests but not African interests.
Stop sending military support to African countries. Sign the international treaty banning landmines.
Do not force harsh economic restrictions on poor countries. Do not force them to cut social benefits. Do not value the performance of local economies over the welfare of poor people. The trickle down effect does not work.
Send more trained experts to teach self-reliance and self-support, not dependence on Western aid and technology. Encourage a diversified, self-sufficient economy, not a monolithic export economy.
Encourage the use of appropriate technology and development. Don't sell high-tech equipment that cannot be locally supported.
Increase trade. Make it fairer to African countries. Pay more attention to the human rights of people in oil- and mineral-rich areas. Monitor and publicise bad practices of multinational companies whose constituents are Western customers. No blood for oil.
Increase humanitarian aid without coercion or harsh conditions, but increase preventative development aid so humanitarian aid is less necessary.
Give low-interest loans with reasonable terms. Do not encourage countries to take out loans that will be painful to pay back.
Spend more on preventative measures like vaccines, clean water and sanitation, and less on high-tech urban hospitals and expensive medicines. Work closer with traditional healers to disseminate public health information.