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African Riches

Africa's population is rapidly expanding compared with most of the rest of the world, including Asia.
Africans speak hundreds of different languages. Many Africans are multilingual, speaking their mother tongue, international trade languages like Swahili and Hausa, and European languages like English, French and Portuguese.
Africa has a diverse, rich cultural heritage that goes back thousands of years. Africa is the cradle of humankind. Advanced African civilizations flourished at times when the rest of the world was in the dark. Archaeologists can find treasures across the continent. Much of African culture, past and present, remains undocumented and unknown outside of the local communities.
African values have brought Africans through great adversity and may even hold the key to human survival on earth.
Africa has great potential for agriculture. It is a huge continent with large, unused areas of fertile land. Its climate is generally warm and sunny, often allowing year-round agriculture.
Flora and Fauna
Africa contains huge tropical forests and game reserves with large numbers of unique animals and plants.
Africa has huge, largely unexplored oil reserves, especially in the Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria and Angola, that someday may rival those of the Middle East.
Africa has some of the world's largest reserves of many minerals, including gold, diamonds and uranium.
Solar Energy
Africa receives a large amount of solar energy, and its potential is great for the future, when petroleum will be scarce and expensive.