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Artist Websites

These guidelines and resources can help artists to determine their website needs, create a plan, select appropriate tools, and design their website. This guide was created for a presentation to the Artists Association of Northern Colorado on June 10, 2014.

What are the goals of your site?

  • A small, simple portfolio/promotion site
  • A complete inventory of your work for sale
  • Sell your works online (originals, prints, and/or digital images)
  • Add your work to an online art database
  • Share your images
  • Showcase your best work
  • Writing, discussion or comments about your work
  • Be found in a Google search for your name, medium, work topics etc.
  • Improve your credibility and name recognition
  • Find a job in the arts

Who and where is your target audience? (prioritize)

  • Family, friends
  • Buyers, galleries, employers
  • Local, regional, national, global

What resources and constraints do you have?

  • Your money
  • Your time
  • Your technical knowledge and skills, patience and interest in doing things yourself
  • Your availability to meet with a designer, describe your needs and site requirements
  • Your ability to provide content and edit for high quality
  • Photos of your work (camera, lighting, and photo editing software, or professional service)

How should the site present your work?

  • Gallery/Portfolio of images
    • Show your best quality work vs. everything
    • Separate current portfolio for purchase from archive
  • Work information (title, medium, dimensions, year, price)
  • Purchase buttons, how to buy, shipping information
  • Upcoming and recent events, workshops, talks
  • List and links to galleries displaying your work
  • Links to related people, organizations and sites (make sure all links work)

How should the site present you?

  • Prominently show your name and a brief tagline on every page header and title
  • Tagline can be a job title, medium or type of work that identifies you
  • Page title and main heading should also include the subject of the page
  • Artist statement - what, why, how: media, subjects, locations, motivations, uniqueness, influences, techniques, evolution, recent work
  • CV/bio/credentials - education, experience, awards/honors, galleries
  • External opinions of your work - reviews, press, testimonials, awards
  • Photo(s) of you
  • Contact information (address, phone, email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Include your website address on all communications (business card, email signature, Facebook, LinkedIn)

What features might be included in site builder software?

  • Themes
  • Slideshows
  • Galleries/Categories
  • Pages
  • Contact form
  • E-commerce (sell originals and/or on-demand photo prints through the site)
  • Visitor statistics
  • Searchable database of images/artists
  • Community (messages, chat, critiques)
  • Mobile friendly (responsive design)
  • Related artists/works are similar to you/your works
  • Web hosting
  • Your own domain name(s) (.com, .net, etc.)

What visual design should be used?

  • Keep it simple
  • Don't put too much on one page
  • Use a neutral, natural color scheme (low saturation) and minimal decoration (to focus on the works)
  • Use high contrast for readability (black text and white background is safest)
  • Navigation - easy, consistent on every page
  • Text - brief, short paragraphs, headings, lists, everyday language
  • Fonts - few, large, clear, readable
  • Test on a mobile device
  • No splash screen
  • No "under construction" pages

How should images be created?

  • Use high-quality photos (high-resolution camera, good lighting, in focus, minimize skew)
  • Get photo editing software and learn to use it (crop, rotate, levels, brightness/contrast)
  • Reduce image file sizes for faster loading on the web (500-800 pixels, 100-300KB)
  • Use large thumbnails (200-300 pixels, under 50KB)

How will the site be created and hosted? Options:

  • Create a website using an online hosting site with website design tools (website or blog or content management system)
  • Create a website with a WYSIWYG editor like Dreamweaver and upload to a hosting account (requires the most technical skills)
  • Pay a web designer/developer to custom-build a site (most expensive)
  • Add your images and information to existing art community databases, e-commerce sites and photo-sharing sites (easiest)
    • Link these to your main website to improve your site's search engine ranking

Advice for creating an artist website

Lists of art and artist sites

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Databases of artists and works

Ecommerce sites with fine art categories

Photo sharing sites


General website creation/hosting

Local web designers

Example artist websites

Lists of exemplary artist sites

Example artist websites from vendors

Here are a few other artist websites to give ideas of what is possible. These sites represent a wide range of features and quality.

Website Description Powered by
http://www.johnfielder.com/ Colorado photographer
http://www.albertbierstadt.org/ Landscape painter from 19th century
http://www.bobcoonts.com/ Fort Collins painter GoDaddy.com
http://www.davidmattingly.com/ Colorado illustrator
http://www.glennrandall.com/ Colorado landscape photographer
http://www.hillaryosborn.com/ Landscape painter
http://www.joepaquet.com/ Landscape painter
http://www.mitchalbala.com/ Landscape painter
http://www.lightofnaturephotography.com/ Colorado photographer Drupal
http://paulaspen.com/ Colorado photographer WordPress
http://julielivermorephotography.com/ Fort Collins photographer WordPress
http://billcramerstudio.com/ Arizona artist faso.com
http://landscape-art.com/ example artist faso.com
http://cmtorrez.deviantart.com/ example artist deviantart.com
http://zeana-romanovna.artistwebsites.com/ example artist artistwebsites.com
http://www.katherinekurtzpainter.com/ example artist heavybubble.com
http://anneroecklein.net/home.html example artist otherpeoplespixels.com
http://www.stephaniehessler.com/ example artist indiemade.com
http://dorianboyesen.com/ example artist openfolio
http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/yuriy-shevchuk.html example artist fineartamerica.com
http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/a/arkadyz/ example artist absolutearts.com