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Web Design Critiques

Here are some ideas and considerations for giving and taking constructive criticism for web designs.


General principles

  1. Respect the knowledge, experience, work and feedback of others, and thank them for it.
  2. Be considerate of feelings. Be careful of wording. Be constructive, helpful and grateful rather than malicious or defensive.
  3. Be dispassionate. Focus on design details.
  4. Keep a sense of humility. No single person alone has sufficient knowledge of all user needs and design considerations.
  5. balanced critique is likely to be better received and more helpful than an entirely positive or negative critique.
  6. Be specific and descriptive. Explaining a design's strengths and problems is more helpful than just stating likes and dislikes.
  7. Consider multiple aspects of a design, such as appearance, organization, navigation and content of different pages.
  8. Give evidence for your opinions when you can; otherwise, acknowledge that they are subjective.
  9. Provide and value suggestions, while understanding that they might not be directly implemented. Finding design solutions is primarily the job and expertise of designers.
  10. There is no perfect design. Don't fixate on just one or two design options; there are always many other possible alternatives to consider.