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Joanitha and Joachim with Michael Hodd, Windsor, UK, 2008 Joanitha and Joachim with Michael Hodd
Windsor, UK, 2008
Michael Hodd was an economics professor at the University of Westminster, and the vice-chancellor of the University of Bukoba from 1999-2000.
the Vogl family at Christmas, South Bend, Indiana, 1999 the Vogl family at Christmas
South Bend, Indiana, 1999
Front row: Tom, Mary, Connor, Colette, Emmanuel, Greg. Back row: Mohammed, Joe, Don, Becky, Paul
Greg, Mary and Emmanuel inner-tubing, South Bend, Indiana, 1999 Greg, Mary and Emmanuel inner-tubing
South Bend, Indiana, 1999
Emmanuel had his first experience with snow in Indiana. He seemed not to mind the cold.
Greg and Emmanuel Edomwande, South Bend, Indiana, 1999 Greg and Emmanuel Edomwande
South Bend, Indiana, 1999
Emmanuel and I taught at Ponhofi Senior Secondary School in Namibia for three years and shared a teacher hostel for a year. Emmanuel came to the US in 1999 and visited me and my family for Christmas. He recently completed his PhD in entomology and is living in Texas.
Joanitha in academic gown, Bukoba, Tanzania, 1999 Joanitha in academic gown
Bukoba, Tanzania, 1999
studio portrait. University of Bukoba students were issued academic gowns when the university opened.
King Hassan II and his two sons, Fès, Morocco, 1992 King Hassan II and his two sons
Fès, Morocco, 1992
In 1999, King Hassan II died and was succeeded by his eldest son, Sidi Mohammed, who became King Mohammed VI. His other son is Moulay Rachid.