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The University of Bukoba, Bukoba, Tanzania, 2002 The University of Bukoba
Bukoba, Tanzania, 2002
From July 2001 until late 2003 the University of Bukoba was housed in the former immigration building on Ghana Road, behind the Regional Offices. The main entrance is on the right. The blue door to the left was the entrance to the computer lab.
RAS workshop participants, University of Bukoba, Bukoba, Tanzania, 2001 RAS workshop participants, University of Bukoba
Bukoba, Tanzania, 2001
Kwitega, Kissimba, Maagi, Mulogo, Masuruli, Muhabuki: Greg's first six computer workshop participants at the University of Bukoba building on Ghana Road.
red tree, Elmina, Ghana, 1997 red tree
Elmina, Ghana, 1997
This tree has two 'arms' that look like they could grab you. I would definitely not walk by this tree at night, especially after listening to African folk tales about witches.
fishing boats, Elmina, Ghana, 1997 fishing boats
Elmina, Ghana, 1997
The coast of West Africa is bustling with business, such as fishing, shipping, petroleum and tourism. Hand-made nets and boats compete with more modern equipment.
drawbridge, Elmina, Ghana, 1997 drawbridge
Elmina, Ghana, 1997
This is an entrance to the Cape Coast Castle, one of several castles built by the Portuguese around 1500 and used for the slave trade for centuries by various European colonizers. There are several well-preserved slave castles on the coast of Ghana.
dungeon door, Elmina, Ghana, 1997 dungeon door
Elmina, Ghana, 1997
This is the door to a dungeon where hundreds of Africans were chained in small, dark, cave-like cells until they could be packed into boats and sent to the Americas. Those who escaped disease, starvation and fatal beatings and were free of physical weaknesses became slaves in the New World. Those who did not were tossed in the ocean and fed to the sharks. The museum, which was once the church, is a must-see.