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Joachim in a life jacket, Mwanza, Tanzania, 2015 Joachim in a life jacket
Mwanza, Tanzania, 2015
impala, Saa Nane Island, Mwanza, Tanzania, 2015 impala, Saa Nane Island
Mwanza, Tanzania, 2015
Joanitha with the Kagirwa family, Mwanza, Tanzania, 2008 Joanitha with the Kagirwa family
Mwanza, Tanzania, 2008
Joachim and a boy with a tire, Mwanza, Tanzania, 2008 Joachim and a boy with a tire
Mwanza, Tanzania, 2008
traditional dancer, sendoff party, Bukoba, Tanzania, 2003 traditional dancer, sendoff party
Bukoba, Tanzania, 2003
This dancing troupe from Mwanza featured a man acting as a crazed monkey.
MV Victoria, Bukoba, Tanzania, 2003 MV Victoria
Bukoba, Tanzania, 2003
This ferry goes to and from Mwanza three times a week. A similar ferry, the MV Bukoba, sank in an accident near Mwanza in 1996, and hundreds of passengers were drowned.
church altar, Bujora Sukuma Museum, Mwanza, Tanzania, 2001 church altar, Bujora Sukuma Museum
Mwanza, Tanzania, 2001
The altar is designed like a Sukuma chief stool to emphasize its importance.
Joanitha acting as a ghost, Mwanza, Tanzania, 1997 Joanitha acting as a ghost
Mwanza, Tanzania, 1997
Joanitha enjoyed drama and acting. Some students were afraid of her for some time after this performance.