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Job Description: Web Developer, Indiana University


Indiana University Bloomington Evaluation Services and Testing
Franklin M005
Bloomington, IN 47405
(812) 855-1595

Supervisor and Co-Workers

  • Dr. J. David Perry, Director of Campus Assessment and Testing
  • Adrian German and Carlos Col√≥n, Technology Support Specialists

Web Development

  • Designed, developed, modified, maintained and documented web-based applications for quizzes and tests, surveys, course evaluations and grade posting which were used by hundreds of faculty and tens of thousands of students every semester.
  • Modified and maintained the 20 MB, 1000+ page BEST website.
  • Improved user interfaces, user documentation, functionality, structure and maintainability of applications and website, and greatly reduced server errors.
  • User feedback to changes was very positive and site usage increased despite competition from courseware applications developed by much larger teams.

System Administration and Maintenance

  • Maintained a Sun Ultra 2 server running SunOS, a Sparc 5 workstation running Solaris 2.5 and a Linux file server.
  • Maintained Netscape, Apache and Sun web servers and space on the Indiana University Veritas web server.
  • Maintained, monitored, summarized and reported web usage and error statistics.
  • Backed up two servers to DAT weekly.
  • Managed the migration of the entire website to a university-managed server to reduce administrative overhead.
  • Kept daily logs of system changes and personal activities.

Support and Training

  • Supported users through telephone, e-mail and walk-in consultations and on-line documentation.
  • Processed instructor course evaluation requests, managed accounts, ran reports, and answered questions.
  • Created and maintained a website of internal documentation for development, maintenance and support.
  • Trained a co-worker in development, user support and system administration.

Tools and Skills

  • Perl, HTML, CGI, JavaScript, CSS, shell scripts, PHP, MySQL, Access, Excel, Word
  • HTML and code editors, e-mail programs, web browsers, web servers
  • UNIX (SunOS, Solaris, Linux, Ultrix) and Windows NT
  • Problem solving, analysis, design, development, testing, troubleshooting
  • Teamwork, user support, writing, multi-tasking