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Gregory J. Vogl: Job Description: IT Lecturer, Uganda Martyrs University


Faculty of Science
Uganda Martyrs University
PO Box 5498, Kampala, Uganda


  • Mr. Tom Muyanja, Acting Dean, Faculty of Science
  • Dr. Victor van Reijswoud, Chair, Information Systems

Courses Taught

Spring 2003

Fall 2003


  • Performed all aspects of teaching classes of 20 to 65 first- and second-year students
  • Presented lectures in classrooms and practical sessions in the computer laboratory
  • Designed websites for each course which students accessed on the Internet and university intranet
  • Used various other information distribution media (chalkboard, whiteboard, LCD projector, hard disk, CD-R)
  • Created lecture notes, programming examples and other course-related resources
  • Created, administered and graded lab activities, worksheets, homework assignments and examinations
  • Designed an Access database to record and distribute assignment and course grades and comments
  • Designed, distributed and summarized student course evaluation forms
  • Produced introductory notes on Linux to help ease the University's migration from Windows to Linux
  • Advised students on how to improve topic, content and format of third-year dissertations
  • Co-chaired a committee to design the curriculum for a new BS degree in Information Technology

Working Conditions

  • Students' limited academic abilities
    • Inadequate background and aptitude in English, computer science and study skills
  • IT infrastructure problems
    • Computers, printers, copy machines, etc. (shortages, limited access, malfunctioning, slowness)
    • Internet and intranet (limited access, connectivity problems, slowness)
    • Power (frequent outages, generator problems, UPS shortage and malfunctions)
    • Administration (small budget, support staff overworked, ad hoc network design, unsystematic policies and procedures)
  • Challenging environment and living conditions
    • Heat, humidity, heavy rains, dust, mud
    • Malaria and other illnesses
    • 3-hour commute from/to Kampala each week
    • Spartan on-campus food and accommodation for faculty
    • Nominal local salary
    • Overcrowded and dangerous public transportation